Matt Drayton Testimonials


Matt  gave an excellent speech at a leadership symposium on Fort Bragg, NC.  He is an engaging and charismatic speaker with the unique ability to  relate his message to everyone in attendance no matter of age, rank, or  background. 

James Mack

MBA Candidate

NYU Stern School of Business


Mr.  Drayton is a captivating and dynamic speaker. His speech was inspiring,  realistic and engaging. Our audience was very diverse, and Matt easily  connected with them. Thank you!

Daisy Jones

Program Coordinator
Community Development Department
City of Hinesville Georgia


Matt  Drayton has a great presence, is comfortable with and speaks directly  to the audience.  Matt's keynote speech touched on many key points that  was valuable to our audience, he does his homework.

Roger Marino

Corporate Director , Communications and Community Relations
Mountaire Corporation    


Matt  Drayton's served our country valiantly in the military and now he  brings those success principles to us through his seminars and  presentations. It has been my honor to work with him professionally. I  have recommended him to my colleagues in the North Carolina business and  educational community. He translates his passionate service for us into  a commitment to children and business professionals through his public  speaking and corporate training company. He has my highest  recommendation.

John O'Connor
Career Pro of NC


Matt is a dynamic speaker who is full of knowledge and enthusiasm. He is among the best speakers we have had at our club.

Richard Higgins President Spring Lake Kiwanis Club


Matt's Veterans Day speech at our college was educational and inspiring. Awesome presentation.

Ralph Soney

President Roanoke-Chowan Community College Ahoskie, NC


Mr. Drayton was very well spoken. His information was very relevant to the students in the CIS program at our school.

Wakenia George
Site Coordinator
Communities In Schools
Cumberland County Schools


Mr. Drayton did an excellent job. He was easy to work with, and is an extremely engaging speaker!
Natanis DeMascio
Special Events and Recruitment Coordinator
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Virginia


Mr.  Drayton's presentation was excellent. All my students were attentive. I  loved the power point presentation and the sharing of pictures and  experiences.  Awesome.

Lisa Teal
Guidance Counselor
Anne Chesnutt Middle School


Matt's  presentation provided great info. Sharing his background and  experiences was captivating for our students. Matt keeps it real for the  kids.

Tom Hatch
Anne Chesnutt Middle School


Mr.  Drayton provided an informative presentation on how to become  successful and how to separate from negative influences and situations.  Mr. Drayton's speech was very thorough and informative.

Barbara Simmons
Resource Coordinator
Cumberland County Action Program Inc.


Matt  Drayton conducts very effective seminars. His productivity  presentations contains vital information and are entertaining and  motivating.

Aerial McNair
Program Support Aide
Cumberland County Action Program Inc.